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Small Energy Storage System

Features and Functions

Small Energy Storage SystemSESS
DIJIYA Small Energy Storage System (SESS)-
provide 5kW~20kW energy storage, and applied to general building elevator UPS (uninterruptible power system),
camping without electricity, mobile/ street vendors, electric AC/DC welder etc.,
such as the energy storage system will replace the traditional diesel generators, excessive volume, not environmentally friendly, air pollution and noise.


1. In response to sudden power outages by Taiwan Power Company, the elevators will continue to operate and no trapped personnel.
2. Provide storage for multiple power sources
3. Small size, 1/10 size of diesel generator, efficient use of space.
4. A standalone power supply
5. With remote monitoring of power usage, passengers can take the elevator safely


Elavator UPS
System can be used as a peak load shifting model or UPS

Intelligent Bus Station Energy Storage System
In remote places, the bus booth is free of cable, can be used with solar panels or wind turbines to provide public Wi-Fi,
lighting, advertising billboards and bus-to-station system power usage.

Telecom Power Solution
The SESS with remote system to monitor power operation replaces the lead-acid batteries in telecommunications room and reduces the cost for manual inspection of lead-acid batteries.
Type SESS-05 SESS-20
Battery Pack Cell Single Cell 3.2V55AH 4P8S Cell Single Cell 3.2V55AH 2P64S
Energy Capacity 5KWH+3% Energy Capacity 20KWH+3%
Nominal Voltage 25.6V Nominal Voltage 204.8V
Charge Current 10A Charge Current 20A
Operation Voltage Range 24~29.2V Operation Voltage Range 192~233.6V
Charger  Hybrid Solar Charger / Inverter
 Built-in MPPT Solar Charger Controller
 Use Lithium Battery
 PV Array MPPT Voltage Range : 30~95V
 Interface : RS485
 Battery Input Voltage Range : 20~30Vdc
 Output voltage(AC) : 220Vac
 Output Voltage Frequency : 50Hz
 Output Power : 3KW
 Operating Temperature : 0~55
 AC Input Voltage Range : 187~253Vac   
       Nominal Voltage : 220Vac
 DC Output Voltage Range : 190~300Vdc   
       Nominal Voltage : 220Vac 
 Current : 10A
 Output Power : 3KW 
 Charging Efficiency ≥ 93%
 Tamperature : -10~40℃
Inverter  DC Input Nominal Voltage : 210Vdc
      Voltage Range 180~300Vdc
 AC Output 
     Nominal Power : 20KW
     Nominal Voltage : 220Vac
     Current : 52A
     Frequency : 60Hz
 IP Grade : IP20
 Operating Temperature : -25~45
EMS  Very Low Power Consumption
 32 Bits+MCU+FPU
 4.3"RGBLCD(800x400)Touch Panel
 Input Power : 12V
 4GB SD Memory
 Bettery Cell OV, UV, OC, OT Protection, Statement of Work, SOC, Error Message and Alarm
BMS  Operation Votage : 12~30V
 Battery Measure : 8~16S
 Temperature Detection Point : 8
 Cell Voltage Range : 0~4.5V, measurement offest±2mV
 Voltage Detection Period <0.5mS
 Cell Temperature Range : -40℃~120℃, meraurement resolution±1℃
 Temperature Detection Period <10mS
 Communication Interface : CAN Bus 2.0A

 Baud Rate 125K bps