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BMS Advantage
Wireless transmission By the wireless monitoring of online storage, users can check the status of the battery pack everywhere anytime.

High Performance computation The Master-Slave modules are using 32-bit high performance MCU, so that the battery status monitoring and the protection control are more accurate. Also the system can update easily. Using the high precision AD converter, the current integration period can reach up to microsecond degree.

The CAN communication interface base on vehicle level The communication between the modules and VCU, which used the high-speed CAN2.0 in a multi-channel of isolation mode, significantly improve working stability.

High Voltage insulated monitor The system can immediately measure up to 900V insulated status and quickly detect the chassis leakage current in the intermediate grounding conductor from the battery pack. Reinforced insulation between power-line and signal-line circuit guarantees the battery pack safety in scattered high-voltage situations.

Calibration & update easily Users can export the BMS status information via the CAN bus、USB disk and GPRS, also update the program easily.