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Product information
Power Lithium Battery

Application of high C rate cell:Battery for Remote Drone、starter battery for Tank , Diesel engine

item parameter
model JD12173165
Super high C rate LFP
capacity 15AH
voltage 3.2V
impedance 0.5
Life cycle 3,000
Continued charge rate 5C
Continued discharge rate 16C
Peak discharge rate 60C

Pre-heating System

When the temperature drops to -15℃,Lithium battery is not able to work due to frozen of electrolyte . Dijiya’s preheating system enables battery pack to function well by conducting this system prior to 20 minutes.

Cell equilibrium system

Lithium battery intends to have inconsistency phenomenon in terms of its charging and discharging curve after long cycle usage. This system is designed to solve this problem by individually charging single cell to certain voltage , reducing possibility of not fully charging every single cell while adopting traditional charging method. The best thing of this system is to increase lifecycle of cells and minimize decade situation of cell capacity.

Easy to take apart pack

The battery case of EV is often to held in position by lots of screws. The disadvantage of above workmanship will lose control on condition of unexpected blast from battery pack due to faulty mode triggers. The special design pack of Dijiya will allow driver to easily pull out faulty pack and disconnect the power to minimize the risk of explosion accident.

Thermo cooling system

Most of battery packs adopt liquid-cooling or air-cooling system to solve thermo issue. Not to mention above solutions will not only greatly increase costs but also spaces. Dijiya has taken considerations of below items such as cell type chosen/ phase transition material apply/ aluminum case tooling to achieve excellent result of less than 8 Celsius degree increase inside pack.